Specialized Aircraft Engine Components since 1940

Budney Industries combines the skills of experienced machinists with modern 5 axis computerized numerical control (CNC) to machine complex and precise parts from the toughest alloys.

Cellular manufacturing and kaizen are implemented for production runs, while old-fashioned machinist skills are utilized on experimental, prototype and tool manufacture. We have the best of both worlds!

Our turning equipment can handle up to 72” diameter [1828mm] parts and up to 125” long [3175mm] shafts. We have twin-turret CNC lathes for cost-effective simul-turn machining.

Our machining center tables are up to 60” long [1524mm] with tilt rotary tables for increased capabilities. All of our DMG machining centers join full 5 axis with the ability to switch from horizontal to vertical spindle – doubling the versatility of the machines and reducing operations.